Curriculum Vitae


Responsive, motivated and clearly dedicated individual with extensive experience in the Syrian response. Has worked with a variety of humanitarian organizations and NGOs. Has coordinated many projects in Syria, as well as along the Syrian border. Able to take an effective role in emergency response and conflict situations. Has a special interest in photography and filmmaking, having produced more than 10 films on Syria. Has a strong network within Syria and has worked as a fixer for NGOs, journalists, INGOs in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. 




License in Nursing

Tishreen Hospital. August 2012, Damascus, Syria

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Geography

Damascus University. August 2010, Damascus, Syria



Red Crescent


Emergency Nurse

  • First responder during emergency situations in Syria

Religions for Peace in the Middle East

June 2013–present

Humanitarian Project Coordinator

  • Organized the implementation of different relief projects in Damascus, rural Damascene suburbs and Aleppo, including distribution of winterization kits and food and house reconstruction.
  • Arranged large scale events around peace and coalition building between people from different backgrounds.
  • Managed daily project activities and conducted surveys to develop reports and summarize project results.

Global Humanitarian

June 2015–September 2015


  • Bullets

Refugee Open Ware (ROW)

October 2014–present

Capacity Building

  •  Startup organization that focuses on refugees all over the world and their needs. 
  • Worked in donor relations, connecting the organization to possible coordination and funding opportunities
  • Developed the capacity of the organization, aiding the strategic creation of processes, forms, etc.. 


July 2015–October 2015

Consultant and Videographer

  • Created a short video on the importance of a small computer that was performing needed tasks in refugee camps. 
  • Connected the NGO to Syrian families who were willing to speak about their experience.

World Food Program (WFP)

October 2014–June 2015

Consultant and Photographer

  • Photographed for WFP in different camps and many places.
  • Connected WFP with Syrian families in need inside Jordan.
  • Home visits to collect data and organize trip.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

September 2013–September 2014


  • Awareness campaigns for women in the areas where refugees live outside refugee camps.
  • Workshops of puppet theater and acting for children about the dangers of early marriage and domestic violence within the camps.
  • Create workshops for drawing, creating puppets and graffiti.

U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

December 2013

Freelance Consultant

  • Connected UNHCR with Syrian families in need in Jordan.
  • Home visits to collect data and organize trip.


April 2013

Freelance Videographer and Mentor

  • Prepared design concept and layout of several short videos.
  • Worked with a group to mentor students who had dropped out of school. 


Volunteer Activities

Zakat Foundation of America

June 2013–March 2014

Psychosocial Support Program Coordinator

  • Developed program for delivery of psychosocial support and assisted in program design and implementation.
  • Created a strong database of youth in need of services and created timelines to provide services in timely manner.
  • Active participant in committee planning meetings, providing research and solutions to program inconsistencies. 

Molham Volunteering Team

January 2013–March 2016

Relief Project Coordinator

  • Coordinated and managed relief projects in Jordan.
  • Developed strong network of NGOs, INGOs, and donors to aid in project implementation.

Qatar Red Crescent

February 2014–May 2015

Project Manager

  • Assessed, counseled and offered aid for beneficiaries by arranging appropriate care, resources or benefits.
  • Wrote reports on the progress and development of the aid projects in Zaatari refugee camp.
  • Attended and contributed to coordination meetings when needed.


Skills & Abilities

  • Campaigning for humanitarian issues

  • Photography and videography

    • Clients include International Medical Corps, UN Women, International Rescue Committee (IRC), International Relief and Development, JEN, NIcode
  • Leading photography workshops

    • Workshops in refugee camps in Jordan
    • Published  The Road magazine in Zaatari refugee camp
  • Psycho-social support for children

    • Work with Bader Center for Psycho-social support for children with injuries.
    • Organized over 13 psychosocial dramas for children
    • Each play lasted 3 months and was accompanied by a series of psycho-social support workshops for the children.
    • Worked with Hamburg University to orchestrate plays.
    • Puppet Theater in Zaatari with IRC to raise awareness about child marriages.

  • Social Media management

    • Gained over 200,000 followers for public  Facebook page.
      Creation of attractive campaigns.

  • Languages

    • Arabic (native), English (fluent), French (familiar)