Beautiful faces in difficult places.

Syrian photographer Manar Bilal began making portraits of children living in refugee camps starting in 2011. The resulting intimate images bring dignity to these children during both the good times and the bad times, and his striking observations reveal both his bond with his subjects and his subjects' relationship to camp conditions.


Henin, five years old, puts a bag of water on her body after a sandstorm hit the refugee camp.

Syrian refugee smiling portrait

Manar Bilal is not only a photographer, but has also dedicated years to supporting young Syrian refugees as a volunteer. He launches campaigns in collaboration with various volunteer teams and humanitarian groups in countries housing refugees. These campaigns aim to give these souls a voice, encourage their abilities and alleviate their suffering.


Portrait of Rowan, six years old,  after being turned down from a children's playground run by the organization of the Red Cresecent at Zataari refugee camp. Rowan's name was not on the list of children eligible to play there.


"I lived in the camps, its dwellers are my family. I document the memories of our broken homeland and deteriorating reality."

— Manar Bilal